Patients with Pre-authorization approved but don’t have appointments with those procedures

revised 7.23.2021

Welcome, the below is a report for pre-authorizations that have been received and entered into Opendental but the patient does not have appointment with those procedure codes attached.

Note: I have enhanced this query to automatically send SMS/Email message to patients. If you want to share any feedback/modifications to this query, please reach me

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Step1:Copy the below query and paste into your Report query. Save as favorite Report template.
/* Lists only active patients between the data range specified. PX Pre-Authorized Tx .Based on ClaimType = PreAuth and Status(R) and InsPayEst > 0*/

SET @StartDate = '2020-07-022';
SET @EndDate = '2021-07-22';
SET @ExclusionCodes = 'D2950,D2950'; -- Exclusion List: Comma delimited list of procedure code

SELECT distinct pc.AbbrDesc ,pc.ProcCode, cp.DateSent, cp.DateReceived,
case when c.CarrierName = 'DENTI-CAL' then cp.DateReceived + INTERVAL 6 MONTH else
cp.DateReceived + INTERVAL 24 MONTH end as PreAuthExpiryDate,
cp.InsPayEst, p.PatNum, DateTP,CONCAT(p.Lname, ',' , p.Fname)AS fullName, p.HmPhone, p.WirelessPhone, p.Email, c.CarrierName
,UPPER(p.Fname) as FName,
p.Lname as LName
FROM procedurelog pl join patient p on pl.PatNum = p.PatNum
join procedurecode pc on pc.codeNum = pl.codeNum
LEFT JOIN patplan pp ON p.PatNum = pp.PatNum
LEFT JOIN inssub ins ON pp.InsSubNum = ins.InsSubNum
LEFT JOIN insplan ip ON ins.PlanNum = ip.PlanNum
LEFT JOIN carrier c ON ip.CarrierNum = c.CarrierNum
LEFT JOIN appointment a on a.PatNum = p.PatNum and a.AptDateTime >= pl.DateTP
c.ClaimNum, c.PatNum, c.InsPayEst, c.DateSent, c.DateReceived, cp.ProcNum
FROM claimProc cp inner join claim c on c.PatNum = cp.PatNum and c.claimNum = cp.ClaimNum
c.ClaimType = 'PreAuth'
AND c.ClaimStatus = 'R'
AND c.InsPayEst > 0

) cp on pl.ProcNum = cp.ProcNum and pl.PatNum= cp.PatNum
pl.ProcStatus not in (2, 6)
and cp.DateReceived between @StartDate and @EndDate
and pl.AptNum = 0 and p.PatStatus=0
and NOT (IF((LENGTH(@ExclusionCodes) = 0),TRUE,FIND_IN_SET(pc.ProcCode,@ExclusionCodes)));

Step2a: Modify the query  dates you would like to run it for.

Step 2b. If there are any Code you would like to exclude from this report, put them in the @ExclusionCodes variables. REMEMBER THIS WILL EXLUDE THOSE CODES FROM THE REPORT.

Step3: Send Message to patients using PatientXpress.

I am using PatientXpress plugin to send emails/sms messages to patients, right inside OD. PatientXpress gives the power and control to manage all our Outbound campaigns/messaging to patients right from OpenDental. All the communication is stored in comm log, so I have complete trail of the patient  and office communication in one place without, without the need to login to other browsers, or portal but everything in one place right inside Open Dental. I run PatientXpress scheduler to send emails to patients who received approvals, on a daily basis.

Click PX button in your OD.
Select Reports from favorites.
Select Sending Type: SMS/Email.
Select All or Some Rows.
Click Send to SMS/Email.

Other Reports: PatientXpress got cool out of the box RECALL and TX over due reports, where you can message all your patients in just couple clicks – happy to share more info, if needed.

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revised 7.23.2021

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