2-Way Texting

We are here to save the day for your staff and patients. Reduce staff worries about calling patients on their busy day. 2-way texting not only allows your front desk staff to send text to patients, but patients can also communicate to staff via text.

Remind patients of appointments, get patient confirmations by automating and reducing staff work. Additionally, having written confirmations and communications from no show patients can help in charging them no show fees!!

Create your own customized templates, or you can use our standard ones for confirmations, reminders, recalls, birthday wishes or feedback requests.

Give patients more mobility, flexibility to connect to you, wasting no time on call waiting. Leverage your office phone number, for them to text you from anywhere, anytime. Save all conversations in your practice management system itself. There is no need to login from somewhere outside. Use your existing capabilities with no extra efforts.

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